I am

One of the most inspiring things in the show called penny dreadful is that no matter how dark the day is, morning will always come as long as there are good people willing to charge into the darkness and sacrifice everything to turn the tides of evil. Surrounded by death and suffering could see the light in this world or the beauty in poetry not withheld in the minds of others. Speaking of the days when men stood in the grass and moved in the trees loving their women under their maker protected from the foul things that go bump in the night. Monsters being real was commonly held belief amongst many cultures since no one could explain how things could have been so terrible when children were being killed, the demon tailor is a good example since he was said to become a werewolf and hunt down kids for his stew. Later we here of the Beast of Girvedon does not mention witches with little to no education people will always find someone to hunt no matter if they had done anything, to begin with. This is something truly interesting even at this time upholstery cleaner was never used but the coaches and furniture always seem to be in clean enough condition. Not leaving a minuscule wiggle room for assumptions since they were their hearts on their selves for the world to see not for judgement but for a chance to make a connection. We have seen them both show such a level of compassion to others even in a time of dread and unforgiving world displaying of humbleness.This poem, composed in three verses of regular iambic pentameter and an “ababab” rhyme system in the first stanza and an “ababcc” design for the secondary and third, details Clare’s finding of a sanctuary from the drudgeries of his life in the asylum. By reasserting his identity in life and love of the beauty of the tangible world in which he will find peace in heaven. An irony of Clare writing a poem declaring “I am” is that at moments during his years in asylums he maintained he was Lord Byron and Shakespeare, constant re-editing Byron’s poems at one point.

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