Suffering is the thing in this world that truly tests us making all problems that follow meaningless and minuscule in comparison. Only someone who has been torn down by this force of power that dreams to consume the ability of strong people that want nothing more than to rise above a life filled with nothing but repetitive outcomes until something or nothing happens. Wasn’t is Einstien, who said the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, though the variables haven’t changed. We see many characters on penny dreadful discover this truth by themselves in a short period when all the parts come together, forming a picture no one can imagine would exist but in the how can it be anything else. The way two of the most caring people in the show with a large sum of understanding are treated represents this world in a way because Caliban( the creature) and Miss. Ives bring a sense of human identity into the circle they incomes. Whiles others would abandon and hate them for being different from the start a fire of presences filled their aspirations moving towards a day when all humanity will bow and give thanks to the ones who sacrificed everything for the world to continue. Really what I see are two individuals who could have fallen into the dark lie of pride and knowledge over wisdom, nobility, and willingness not to forgive but move on for better or worse. Making them more human than most. Not knowing how someone whose life is surrounded by death and suffering could see the light in this world or the beauty in poetry not withheld in the minds of others. Not leaving a minuscule wiggle room for assumptions since they were their hearts on their selves for the world to see not for judgment but for a chance to make a connection. We have seen them both show such a level of compassion to others even in a time of dread and unforgiving world displaying of humbleness.

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