Ending Song

One of the saddest scenes in penny dreadful is when Caliban finally finds his family only to lose them and Miss. Ives at the same time without warning. Now, what is there for him to do in a world of people that act worse than animals killing and abuse each other while lying about how wonderful a person as they contradict themselves.Now I see the world where nothing but blood is being spilled in the aftermath of acts so terrible no one should left un-judge that relate’s to the real world even now the blood of the innocent stains the earth will the guilty walk free. Dracula’s appearance in the series finally made a very accurate representation of the wickedness in the minds of people with power that soil this world with their continuous plots to lessen and control a part of the population will slaughtering the other one. But the end of the show  like a thing not like a good flatbed tow truck which caries to a destination where you are just appreciative. leading into the last sad ebents we see Kaetenay in the wild west has a vision of impending doom surrounding a women in London. This prompts Sir Malcolm and Ethan to rush across the ocean to defend there family even though the day is done, While this is happening Frankenstein and Jekyll get help from an unlikely foe Dorian in an attempt to capture lily and make her more compliant to their whims which is hilarious since she trusted the wrong man just because he was good looking and had money. The Caliban finally gains courage face his wife and son after all this time worrying if they could accept him as they monster he is. And with the help of Catrina, Vanessa learns an awful truth that a man she has feelings for is the end of the world meaning killing him is now necssary to protect the world from evil including herself. The poem sad in the end really spoke about the passing of both Calibans son and Miss. Ives eben though it was a disappointing turn of events leading from a blade of glass.

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