Blood and Fiends


The introduction of vampires to the show has brought a new twist to the idea of what viewers can expect from the series based of the penny dreadful series that brings a horror to the citizens of Victorian England. We are introduced to a new concept of villain in the first episode when we saw Sor Malcolm, Miss. Ives, and then Chandler charges into a vampires den in search of Mina Sir Malcolm’s daughter which ties back to Dracula one of Britain’s most famous fables since that is the counts brides name. After that, we get an up-close look at what one of the undead seems as Frankenstein does an autopsy on the body so as to figure out any weaknesses. Later with the expansion into the minds of vampires leader who has sent his minions to claim Miss. Ives reveals a more sophisticated plot to regain ones lost power over the world denied them from the beginning of creation, the tale of two who would be kings that felt their divine father not worthy of his throne and were taught server how mistaken they were. Showing a more religious and spiritual side to our favorite characters which were made obvious with all the right storytelling technics are forged from a modicum of truth. Brought to light within a new perspective challenging a individuals system of praying, this ties back to real life since it relates to humans lost in sin-drenched by past deeds calling for payment and hope someone or something can forgive and save them. OF what viewers can expect from the changing storyline is based on the penny dreadfull tales, so that brings a whole new range of fascinating possibilities forward. ┬áVictorian England has become a breeding ground for the world’s most dangerous monsters which are ironic since it was the British’s greed that drew on the monsters sense of destruction and domination. Introduced to a distinct idea of the evil in the last series of episodes when we saw Sir Malcolm, Miss, Ives, and then Chandler charge into a vampires den in search of Mina Sir Malcolm’s daughter only to kill her so her being wouldn’t be consumed by the things that lurk in the night. After that of the gang of most famous heroes challenge a group of witches looking for the brides name sack in an effort to appease their master. After that, we get an up-close look at what one of the women looks like as Miss. Ives is attacked during a regular ride through the city on their bodies are so Disfigured finding out any weaknesses is tough, due to their apparent ability to also manipulate their form.

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